I have a hole in the siding of my home. The siding is HardiPlank fiber cement. The hole size (diameter) is that of a cable line. A cable line was run through the siding when the previous home owners lived there but the cable line is no longer there. I want to patch the hole if possible. I really do not want to replace the board. However, I have not found a product specifically made for patching fiber cement siding. I did come across an all-purpose putty Bondo but I am not sure if this will do the trick or not.

Any suggestions on what material to use would be greatly appreciated!

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Since the hole relatively small i would use Quad window and door sealant. Not affiliated but i use it. It will stay flexible, cement siding can expand and contract with high and low temps. It comes in many colors.

  • Thanks for the information. This seems to be what I needed. Thank you!
    – David
    Mar 30, 2018 at 14:49

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