I recently had some plumbing work done to my shower. Pipes replaced, faucet, as well as the hot/cold knobs. I went to take a shower a couple of days later. Water flowed fine through my shower head for about 5 seconds. And then it shut completely off. The water still ran from the faucet. Just not the shower head. I tried it again a few hours later. The same thing happens. What could be causing that?

  • Tub/shower (I assume it is a tub/shower unit because your question mentions a "faucet" and the shower head) valves have a diverter mechanism to change water flow from tub to shower and vice-versa, every brand and model is different. You need to tell us more about your valve setup (like describe your method to divert) and maybe post a pic or two. – Jimmy Fix-it Mar 27 '18 at 1:04

Sounds like a little piece of crud flowed into the path of the water and blocked it. it's trapped in the hose/stem/pipe. as the hose/pipe drains, the crud slowly recedes, (it probably floats) waiting to spring forth with the next batch of water.

The fix? Remove + clean the head, and also run water though the empty pipe for a few moments to be sure (careful, it will shoot out fast).

  • We done that. But water won't even come through the pipe after a few seconds. – Kathryn Godfrey Mar 27 '18 at 2:59

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