My home's flooring was originally 1/2 plywood subfloor with 3/4 particle board underlayment. I have since removed the particle board and plan to replace it with 3/4 Advantec. My current plan is:

  1. Secure the 1/2 plywood to the joists via 1-1/8 decking screws.
  2. Cover subfloor with 15 lbs roofing paper to prevent squeaking.
  3. Install 3/4 Advantec underlayment perpendicular to the subfloor and secure with 1-1/2 staples (Not stapling into joists).

Are there any issues with the steps I've listed above? I asked a gentleman at Lowes and he said, "The roofing paper is not necessary and be sure to nail the Advantec to the joists. Another person said, "Glue and nail the Advantec to the subfloor but do not nail into the joists." I cannot seem to find information that clearly explains best process given my situation.

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