I'm replacing a bad Aube line voltage thermostat for my electric baseboard heaters. I liked the model, so I purchased what I thought was the same one - however I missed a letter in the model. What I bought was a TH115-A-240D, while what I had originally was a TH115-A-240S. It looks like the difference is that the TH115-A-240S was rated for 4000 watts, while the TH115-A-240D is only rated for 3600. As far as I can tell, however, the new one is still sufficient. I'm just hoping someone can double check me.

There are 2 baseboard heaters, wired in parallel, on a 20-amp 240 volt circuit. The wiring is #12. Each baseboard is 72 inches. Unfortunately I can't find any manufacturer's information anywhere on them (I believe it's all painted over.) Everything that I can find indicates that a 72-inch electric baseboard heater will consume 1500 watts, meaning that the total 3000 needed by 2 is well within the thermostat's specs. Is there any caveat I might be missing, or should I be safe?

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