My friend owns a mobile home that has a patio over the front porch. There is a thin gutter system running along the length of the house & porch, terminating over the porch area. The gutter system appears to be almost completely enclosed and is so backed up with dirt & debris that no water makes it through the spout.

Is there a good way of cleaning out this gutter system?


  • wow, that's not supposed to be like that. using supports for drains means it looks crooked or won't actually drain. you want the water to flow a few inches past the horizontal beam. If it's like the one across the street, that's not happening. i bet those hollow columns are nothing but rust. anyway, it's not ideal for cleaning either. i would try a power washer, leaf blower, or shop vac. – dandavis Mar 15 '18 at 4:03
  • They're NOT using the supports for drains. The drains are beside the supports. – nlk May 8 at 20:23
  • That "support" on the far left is indeed the drain, unfortunately. – Jeremy White Jul 2 at 18:22

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