I've got a bathroom sink faucet with a recessed (cache) aerator that needs to be cleaned or replaced, but seems to require a special tool to remove it. There is no obvious branding on the faucet, so I don't know what removal tool to ask or look for.

I've tried some of the "standard" removal keys they sell at the big box stores, but they don't fit. Those keys seem to be a little too big and you can tell that the tooth pattern is not quite right.

I've included pictures of the faucet, the aerator, and a key that does not fit.

Wondering if anyone knows what kit or tool I need to remove and replace this aerator?

Image of faucet here: enter image description here

Close-up of aerator:

enter image description here

Example of key that did not work: enter image description here

+++ Update +++

Thanks to @Alaska-man, it turns out the tip of the faucet itself was threaded and, once removed, gave me direct access to the aerator (which is not itself threaded).
Don't know why I didn't think to to try this. Perhaps because the visible part of the aerator had grooves that convinced me that it was itself threaded.

Images of tip and aerator removed. Also, it's apparently a Delta faucet (discovered after removing tip and observing lettering on underside).

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • It's a Kohler sink - any chance it's also a Kohler faucet? – Mark Mar 11 '18 at 16:01
  • Wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to simply close your valves a bit? At any rate, those things aren't typically very tight. A pair of small slotted screwdrivers (or similar) should do fine. – isherwood Mar 11 '18 at 16:22
  • 1
    Is the flared part of the faucet, the ring around the end, able to turn. It may be threaded and holding the the aerator in. Meaning the the aerator is not threaded in but being held in by the ring. ?? If you can not get it out you could put some CLR or vinegar in ziplock type bag and tape it on the faucet so that the aerator is soaking in the liquid. – Alaska Man Mar 11 '18 at 19:37
  • @Alaskaman Good call on trying to turn the ring. It actually was threaded, came off, and gave me access to the aerator. The aerator itself was just held in there by the ring (aerator had no threads at all). If you want to write up an "answer" (vice a comment), I can "accept" it and give you credit. – abonet Mar 11 '18 at 22:16
  • i will post it as an answer so you choose at correct. :) – Alaska Man Mar 12 '18 at 0:24

The flared part of the faucet, the ring around the end, should turn. It should be threaded and holding the the aerator in.

Meaning the the aerator is not threaded in but is being held in by a threaded retention ring. ??

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I used a pair of needle nosed pliers. Slid the ends into the tiny plastic indents and turned. Worked like a charm.

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This looks like a Pfister Faucet but can't be sure - you would need to remove it and look underneath for the make / model information. Just looking at Pfister with the outside crown on the aerator - I am pretty sure that is what you have.

A Pair of Snap Ring pliers for small snap rings would allow you to remove it - a 90 or 60 degree bend at the nose would be very helpful. That is what I would use to remove this given I did not have a tool - I might look to order one after I removed it though.

Kohler looks to be the same style as the Pfister I have seen so it is possible this is what you need Kohler 1130269 Aerator Tool .

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