I have 3 panels 1) Main Breaker 2) Sub Panel 3) Sub Panel serviced/fed from (2)

Can I ground Panel (3) to Panel (1)?

The reason why I want to is I can use one size smaller conduit between (2) and (3) [1 and 3 are located beside each-other], which for this installation would be a HUGE advantage!!

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    If panel 1 and panel 3 are next to each other, then why is the feeder for panel 3 run from panel 2 to begin with, not panel 1? It sounds like you're spending a bunch of money you don't need to spend... – ThreePhaseEel Mar 10 '18 at 22:23

Can I ground Panel (3) to Panel (1)?

Assuming all panels are in the same building.

The answer is yes, but only if you feed Panel (3) from Panel (1)(see comment from @. ThreePhaseEel). The NEC requires all conductors to run together as a group.

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