I have mold in a closet with 2 water pipes. 7 years ago there was a leak upstairs that ran down. My roommate does not want to involve building so it's up to me. I had a removal company come and do a crummy job - I can't afford more and roommate won't let me remove old plaster. So I painted over with Zinsser Mold killing primer, then let that dry a few days and painted with Zinsser® PERMA-WHITE® Mold & Mildew-Proof™* Interior Paint. I can still smell the mold. I read on a post here "It's best to go with a natural, organic and effective remedy. I've been in the business 12 years. First use a roller, dip it in vinegar, ( rice wine or apple cider) Then you have to use a special Lime Paint over a quartz-stone primer. this will eliminate all mold permanently. It raises the alkalinity levels in the air so mold can't grow on it."

Can I use lime paint and/or a quartz-stone primer over what I have already done?
  • The answer you'e referring to wasn't particularly highly voted and I doubt it's any more effective than the other answers to that question. – brhans Mar 10 '18 at 15:19

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