My elderly parents live in a condo.

They saw a leak in the attic crawl space a few weeks ago. I went to take a look myself.

Referencing these posts, it sure seems like mold to my untrained eye. https://diy.stackexchange.com/questions/126501/is-this-mold-picture-taken-after-treating-with-bleach https://diy.stackexchange.com/questions/127678/is-this-mold-mildew-or-just-dirt

The +FRONT+ roof slope crawl space looks like this: front attic slope underside

The +REAR+ roof slope crawl space looks much cleaner than the front: enter image description here


Is the first photo mold? Is it dangerous mold? Is it dangerous down to the lower living levels?

Aren't home owners associations generally responsible for things like roof leaking?

Looks like a total roof rebuild to me, but this is my amateur opinion.

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The first photo could well be mold. Testing will confirm/deny. As to danger, the answer is, 'probably, yes, it presents a hazard to occupants'. There are lots of variables to consider, though.

It is very common for HOAs to be responsible for roofing, but you need to contact theirs to see. A paper trail is very important in matters like this.

A mold remediation specialist can weigh in on the rebuild versus rehabilitate question, but my instinct says that you'd want to strip off and replace the affected sheathing.

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