I have a lot of detailed interior trim to paint with latex enamel paint. It’s a pain to paint with brushes or small rollers and it seems like it would be so much easier to use a very small airless paint sprayer, like a small airbrush sort of thing. I can’t seem to find something that small though that could be used for this application. Is there such a tool?

  • Spray Can ... ?
    – brhans
    Mar 1, 2018 at 13:31
  • Spray cans work pretty well but they make the whole house smell like fumes, and also it's harder to get the exact color I'm using. Mar 1, 2018 at 14:01
  • Seems to me that the amount of time to tape and mask off everything to protect it from over spray would be much longer than just using a cutting brush and roller.
    – Alaska Man
    Mar 1, 2018 at 22:41

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You can switch out the tip on an airless to do smaller areas. The first digit is one half the fan size so a 211 has a .011" opening and sprays a 4" fan, that should be acceptable if a spray can works. It does presuppose you rented an airless sprayer. You may also need to change the filter and use a small amount of flow additive. Ask the rental place for advice and what the smallest tip they have is.

If you own an airbrush there's a chance you may be able to run a detail HVLP gun off your existing compressor. They require quite a bit less air than full sized guns do, and you might be able to squeak by with a pancake compressor if you're not spraying continuously.

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