Do they make a copper propane line splitter like cable tv. I nee to go from 1 line to 5

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    The search term you're looking for is "propane manifold". Google that. – Tyson Feb 10 '18 at 12:37

Simply put Four Tees in a line, or two Crosses. 1 in, 4 side outs, one end out.

A cross A tee

Of course, if you are adding 4 appliances to an existing installation, you might need to upgrade the line from the tank (sized for one appliance) to maintain adequate flow.

Likewise, be careful, or consider the possibility that a propane leak is potentially dangerous, and you may not be the best choice of person to "split" your propane line if you equate it to cable TV (i.e. have zero plumbing experience.)

  • +1 for calling out the significant difference between a plumbing manifold and an electronic RF signal splitter. – Michael Karas Feb 10 '18 at 17:03

Instead of compression fittings I would use flare fittings, with the copper flared by a very good "roller type " flaring tool (my choice). And by all means pressure test the lines before use.

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