I'm trying to determine if these are original to my 1920 house.
- They appear to be stamped brass which has since been painted gold.
- The wiring is cloth-wrapped.
- The switches are newer.
- The candlestick is a painted paper tube.

Thanks! Quarter



  • Is the switch mechanism bakelite or some other type of plastic? – JimmyJames Feb 1 '18 at 16:52

The cloth wire in a fixture really is not a clue because many light fixtures use high temp wire like that today. I would take to an antique shop and ask them but the quality looks a bit less than the materials I have found from the 20' S and 30's. Specifically the detail work was much sharper/ cleaner looking.


From the back it looks like stamped steel; dead give-away. It is newer.


The fixture and cloth covered wires look old. The switch looks like a recent addition or replacement.

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