I have a Frigidaire model FGFL79DBE gas range/oven. The self-clean feature is not working though the range, oven, and door lock features work fine. When I push the button for self clean the screen reads _ _ _ and resets to the clock after about 5 seconds. (This also happens when one pushes the bake or broil button without selecting a bake temperature or hi/lo broil respectively - it denotes a user task left unfinished) The self clean feature has worked properly in the past - it heats up the oven far beyond normal cooking temperatures to burn off spills and grease deposits inside, turning them to ash.

I have looked online for manuals but the only one available for this model is the installation manual. Manuals for similar models only say to hit the self clean button and wait for 2 or 3 hours. I've experimented with combinations of buttons without success.

Any suggestions?

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