I just moved into this rental house in November and am trying to get a second garage door opener to work.

There's an existing working KLIK3U-BK model, so I ordered a second one of those. But none of the programming instructions I've tried work for me:

  • The opener itself says "press the learn button, then press & hold the remote button" until the learn button blinks.
  • Internet search shows "press the learn button, then press & hold the remote button for 3 seconds" then try the remote.
  • A previous search said "press the learn button" then try the remote button 4 or 6 or 8 times and it will start to work depending on the model on one of those presses.

None of this works at all. Should I:

  • wipe the programming of all remotes from the opener first? (This will be bad if I can't get the existing one working again).
  • Try a different model of the remote like the 953EV?

Any other ideas? Having one remote for 2 cars is cramping our style a bit ...

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    Call Chamberlain / Liftmaster customer support. They are amazing. They help new homeowner reprogram codes and add/drop transmitters all the time. They won't ask if your in or out of warranty they will just help you.
    – Tyson
    Commented Jan 7, 2018 at 14:00

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I had same issue, trying to program to a Liftmaster. Here's what worked for me:

  • Liftmaster: Press learn button.
  • Klik3U: Press programming button unitl LED solid BLue.
  • Press-release desired button on klik3u until Lifmaster lights blink.
  • Press Klik3U programming button to turn off programming mode. Done.

I had to press the target button 8 times...hope that helps.


I was on hold for quite a while, but Liftmaster customer support answered my question quickly. For the KLIK3U-BK and the model of the openers we have installed (purple Learn button), the key was that there's a hidden button on the remote that you expose by sliding down a panel in front below the external buttons. Calling this the 'remote programming button':


  • Press and hold the remote programming button until the light on the remote comes on
  • Press the Learn button ... its little light will come on
  • Press the button on the remote that you want to program to activate this opener 3 times. The learn button's light goes out

That's it. Just test the opener button you programmed and it should work. Put the cover back in place and you're done!

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