Our family room is currently being remodeled to include a raised/tray ceiling. Once the drywall was removed from the ceiling and the plywood removed from the attic floor above the family room, it was discovered that a LOT of wiring was going down the center of the room and had to be relocated. The electricians 'relocated' the wiring by adding 20-30 plastic junction boxes in the floor of the attic and covering them with solid, plastic covers. The attic was and will be re-floored with plywood and the space will eventually be used as livable space.

Are plastic junction boxes and plastic box covers appropriate for a floor? If not, what should have been used? Is this method of rewiring (using junction boxes) safe?

  • Were the electricians told the attic would be remodeled into habitable space? Could this be still be done whilst concealing the junction boxxes behind a cabinet door or other tasteful yet finger-removable coverup? Jan 5, 2018 at 19:48

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Plastic junction boxes and plastic covers are generally fine for wire connections. However, every junction box must remain accessible. You cannot put a floor over them.

If you were to have the junction boxes mounted through the floor, they must be protected, and plastic covers would probably not be considered acceptable in most jurisdictions. Metal covers, or specialty floor boxes and covers might meet code.

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