I have some exposed duct work in my garage. I am looking to insulate it and was looking at the types of insulation. Is is better to use fiberglass or "bubble wrap" reflective roll insulation? I live in western Pennsylvania.

  • You'll really want to provide more details (ex. where are you/warm or cold climate), but odds are, fiberglass if you're trying to stop conduction/convection, and reflective if you want to stop radiative heat loss.
    – Hari
    Jan 2, 2018 at 21:19

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I prefer bubble wrap as it generally looks nicer and is easier to clean if looks are important. However the R value for single ply with no air gap is generally about R-4. To achieve R-6 you would need to provide an air gap by first cutting strips and then go over the strips with the bubble wrap. R-6 is generally considered the minimum. 2” faced fiberglass is generally R-6 as well.

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