I had my bathroom redone last year. Everything is still perfect except for this one tile that popped up just a little bit.Visually it does not bother me at all, but the cracks in the grout worry me and do not look water tight. There are some hairline cracks away from the main cracked up area where the tile is raised. I would like to repair them, but I have not done work with grout before. Should this be an easy fix if I allow the one off tile to lay as it is? What tools and other items would I need?





  • Something is pushing down the floor there to pop the tile. Before the shower stall that is there now, what used to be there?
    – Jack
    Dec 14 '17 at 4:08
  • There was a toilet where the toilet currently is. There was a shower tub that was converted into the stall that is there now. Is there anything I can do besides redoing the grout and hoping that it is stable now? Dec 15 '17 at 2:14
  • What is below that area? A crawlspace, basement, or finished area?
    – Jack
    Dec 15 '17 at 5:09
  • the first floor is beneath the bathroom, this is in the master bathroom. Dec 15 '17 at 18:17
  • 2
    Who did the original work? Are they still in business? They may come back to fix something like this: it's pretty obviously an installation defect.
    – Bryce
    Dec 16 '17 at 4:24

You can remove the existing grout with a grout saw. Your local hardware stores should sell one.

The catch here is re-grouting. You can buy pre-mix grout in pints at some big-box stores, but be prepared for it to not match your existing grout. You may need to saw all the grout out and redo it afresh.

I would remove the toilet first, however. Make sure that tile isn't loose because of the toilet, or improper mounting

  • I'd say without knowing what's pushing the tile up, you don't want to just regrout. Maybe lift the tile and look first, and replace the wax seal.
    – Bryce
    Dec 16 '17 at 4:25
  • The tile will be loose, and there is no way to know if it has stopped moving or not, even with seasonal movement.
    – Jack
    Dec 17 '17 at 17:26

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