Afterusing an auger/snake to clean out the pipes from a shower, the tip is usually disgusting, with a large clot of hair inextricably entangled into the tip. Is there a trick to clean this thing? I used to "unwrap" the hair from the spiral tip (the boring gimlet), but frankly that takes like 10 minutes and is really gross. I have considered burning it after it dries, but...gross.

Or maybe I should use a different type of auger? All the ones I've bought at Home Depot type stores have the boring gimlet. It's the following, but with a huge tangle of stinkhair wrapped all up in there:

boring gimlet

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    It doesn't really matter which tip type you use, you will reliably get "stinkhair" (hate it but love that term, lol) wrapped up on it. I have found that it's much less messy and less smelly to let it dry, regardless of final removal method. – Jimmy Fix-it Dec 6 '17 at 5:51

Wrap a rag or gloved hand around it and spin it backward. Or burn it off with a plumbing torch (outside, of course). Or dunk it in drain clog remover for a while.

  • Good tips, though I think I would avoid dissolving it in chemical clog remover that's overkill. :) – neuronet Dec 7 '17 at 1:24

I always let mine dry and then take it out back and put the torch to it. It does leave some residue, which is very easily and quickly removed with a wire brush.

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