Garage is 22'x 22', I removed the 2x4 rafter ties that were spliced and on 4' spacing , replacing them with a 22' 2x6 every 2'adding a knee wall on each side creating a 10'W x 20'L x 5'H at the peak. This storage area I plan on storing 10' boxes of 3x4 downspout and boxes of 3x4 elbows . Question being ... the garage walls are insulated,sheetrocked w/ vapor barrier installed. Should I install vapor barrier to garage ceiling if I'm planning on insulating the ceiling and covering with ribbed barn steel? Also , do I do the ceiling and knee walls with vapor barrier too? I plan on covering the attic ceiling with left over soffit from several different jobs(Quad 4 Rollex 12' long) and the floor with 3/4 T&G sheeting.there will be poly chutes for ventilation from overhang soffit to a roof vent. Also in need of ideas for an access opening big enough to load these boxes Up into this space. I'm thinking of a 30" or 36" x 5'long doorsuspended by a roller track of

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The walls have a moisture barrier as they are in contact with the ground and have an air flow to reach the attic space...If you add a vapor barrier at the ceiling it will mold as well as there is no place for the moisture to exit. I also own a mold mitigation company...


Absolutely NOT! Your ceiling vents gases through the drywall. These gases are unhealthy gases. You never place a vapor barrier or radiant barrier over a ceiling. This holds in the gasses like methane that can kill you. I own a few companies 1 of which is an insulation and radiant barrier company.

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