I recently decided to start building my own furniture whenever I could.

To start small, I decided to go with a design’ish shelf that right now looks like that:

my shelf

I’d obviously like to hang it on the wall but also to do it without visible shelf brackets. I have no idea what technique to use there. The shelf will ultimately carry books and while it is probably sturdy enough to do so, I understand that the wall fixation system is at least as important.

The shelf has an overall width x height of 30’’ x 30’’ and I do have metallic studs in the wall I want to hang it to.

What fixation system can I use in that situation?

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    Are the joints of that "shelf" glued together, or are they only held together by the little brass ell brackets? – Tester101 Nov 20 '17 at 14:03
  • @Tester101 There are small wood pieces (like Ikea furniture has) at each junction and I glued those. It would not seem enough to have just the brass ell brackets I think. – ereOn Nov 20 '17 at 14:59

You should look for Floating or Blind shelf brackets.

You may actually need thicker supports on the tops or bottoms of your shelves to get the right support from these brackets, but this will give the appearance of "floating" that you're looking for

enter image description here

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