We moved into this house about 15 months ago. No problems with this until recently the external keypad stopped working. The keypad itself is Liftmaster, but the unit itself and wired openers (the button pads to open/close it) are Sears craftsman model 139.53425SRT. The keypad does NOT have an ENTER key, but it has '*' and '#' buttons, in addition to the 0-9 numbers. The keypad is wired to a button pad just on the inside of the door.

The best instructions I found for a keypad without an enter key say this: "Is this a hard wired keypad? If so: To program the keypad, first unplug the garage door opener from the electrical outlet. Next, remove the nameplate from the console that the keypad plugs into and locate the program/operate switch. Flip the switch to program. Next, enter your desired four-digit PIN number into the keypad. Slide the switch back to operate and plug the garage door opener back in. The keypad should be programmed."

I followed this, although the button pad is wired with a battery. So when it said to unplug the opener from the electrical outlet, I instead removed the wires from the button pad opener to the actual opener in the garage ceiling. Should I instead have remove the battery at this point?

The button pad that the keypad is wired to does have a PROGRAM/OPERATE switch under the nameplate.

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