I have a fantastic commercial grade steel door. It has a regular knob (a very good one) and 2-3/4" spacing.

Folks would rather have a deadbolt there instead of the knob. The door swings in.

Will a deadbolt physically "bolt up" in a doorknob position without drilling, cutting or welding?

It would presumably have a pull handle on the door inside. How do I attach this? The steel door doesn't weigh a ton so it must be hollow, and I'm worried if I through-bolt it, I'll crush the door.

  • If I am not mistaken door knob openings and dead bolt openings are identical (interchangeable). Attaching your handle is a different story as you said and steel doors typically are hollow - the edge is a bit different though. I have not been in any plants that make steel doors (only fiberglass doors) so I am not aware of intricacies in how steel doors are manufactured. I assume the outer areas have a scaffolding structure like a frame around for exactly the reasons you mention. When you take the knob off - you might be able to take a look inside and verify this. – Ken Nov 14 '17 at 6:32
  • 1
    strong magnets can attach the handle. or epoxy,. – dandavis Nov 14 '17 at 21:46

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