enter image description hereI have a 30 x 15 stick built shed with composition shingles over 1/2" sheathing. I would like to take 12 lineal feet off the end, remove the roofing and sheathing and install corrugated plastic to turn it into a greenhouse. How do I make that joint between the remaining composition roof and the corrugated plastic weatherproof?


This is what I'm going to try. Any comments would be appreciated.

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I'd think you'd abut the two roofing types and overlay a flashing, lapping onto each 6 inches or more. The outcome would be similar to any hip or ridge.


Plastic does not last more than a couple years. I have used about 3 types on my shed roof all failed. I "bit the bullet" and put in 1/4 plate glass , 2 X 4 ft. panels. They have survived a hail storm which damaged our composition roof so badly that the insurance company replaced it.


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