In a laundry room (in the USA) - is there a code in the NFPA - NEC for minimum distance the Dryer and Washer Electrical outlets must be placed from the washer water pipes ?


Ok so after doing some searching I found two posts very similar to what I needed.

The only code requirement seems to be the distance with in 6 feet of the dryer or washer - other than that no other requirement.




While there is a maximum limit on how far away these receptacles can be, set in 210.50(C):

(C) Appliance Receptacle Outlets. Appliance receptacle outlets installed in a dwelling unit for specific appliances, such as laundry equipment, shall be installed within 1.8 m (6 ft) of the intended location of the appliance.

there is no minimum distance stated in the Code, as 210.52(F) has nothing in it that'd set such a minimum and Art. 406 enforces no minimum distance between general plumbing fixtures and electrical receptacles.

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