These rafters span 30". Do you think I can hang 1/2" over this span or should I go 5/8"

Or go extreme and run 2x4's perpendicular, 24" OC? ceiling

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    I think you would be asking for sagging ceilings even with 5/8" at over 24" especially if there are large exterior temperature swings. Most exposed beam roofs like this only have a deck and the temp swings can cause cracking and sagging. I would use hat channel attached to the beams on 16"s and hat channel is easier to install IMO. – Ed Beal Oct 10 '17 at 12:57
  • Are you sure those aren't just decorative beams? The gable slope meets the wall, above the rim, and the walls and ceiling look like drywall, behind the wood work. – tahwos Oct 11 '17 at 2:47

Opinion - you're nuts to bury those nice exposed beams. But, no accounting for taste.

5/8" might span it, though you'll end up with a lot of 6" scraps due to 90 rather than 96" spacing. 1/2" not a chance - it will sag badly.

If you strap it, you only need 1x3, and you don't (IMHO) want it 24" apart which is already a marginal spacing on ceilings - put it 16" or even 12" apart. Actually, if you can find steel resilient channel (AKA furring channel or hat channel or U-channel), that might work just as well and be a lot straighter than the average wood 1x3 or 2x4 you can get these days.

Might as well insulate up there if you are burying the beams.

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