I have a 3 ton Ductless Minsisplit Installed in my Garage. One air Handler

Is there a away to connect a Humidifier to this or thermostat

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    It will help for you to be much more specific. First of all, a 3 ton mini-split is huge, so I just want to confirm that (not that it really matters). Second, please post the manufacturer and model number. I'll post an answer, and update with any new information. – Hari Ganti Oct 9 '17 at 5:53

In general, no, you can't

Most ductless mini-splits, especially ones designed for a single air handler, come with a wireless remote, which is the only effective way to control the unit. Many manufacturers do offer wired controllers, but they often have fewer features (though occasionally they add programmability). Most of these wired controllers are not designed to work with any other devices, like a humidifier.

Some manufacturers offer interface modules that allow you to connect the air handler to a typical thermostat. You usually end up sacrificing a lot of the mini-split's functionality (such as inverter or fan control) because normal thermostats aren't generally designed for mini-splits and are only meant for simple single- or dual-stage on-off control. A third-party thermostat could interface with a humidifier, but you'd lose a lot of the mini-split's advantages in connecting it that way, if the manufacturer provided the option.

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