I need help wiring a ceiling fan with a red, black, white, ground in ceiling box to a remote receiver with black and white to a black, white, and blue to fan with black, white, blue, ground.

Single wall switch with black and red connected at the moment.

I cannot get the wall switch to control any part of the fan or light functions. Remote does everything.

  • What model is your remote/receiver? Are you wedded to it, or are you OK with considering other options for a remote control? What do you want the wall switch to control? Sep 28 '17 at 22:18

Connect the remote receiver to the fan wiring: black to black, blue to blue, white to white.

Connect the supply wires to the remote receiver: black to black, white to white.

Connect the grounds together: green (supply) to green (fan), along with a pigtail to the junction box if it's metal.

Cap off the red wire in the ceiling.

Remove the red wire from the switch and cap it off.

If you wanted the switch to control the fan or lights directly, connect the supply black to the black (fan) or blue (lights) from the fan, not the remote receiver. Cap off the corresponding wire from the remote receiver. Given that you only have 1 switch on the wall, though, it's probably best to control everything via the remote. Also keep in mind that if you connect the fan this way, you lose the ability to adjust the speed.

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