I need to patch some wood siding after a roofer modified my roof. I have spare siding from parts and pieces that were removed. Should I glue the siding on or should I nail it in place?

enter image description here

  • Are you sure that's wood? Looks like fibercement or something to me. In that case, there are very specific fastening techniques and schedules required for warranty and longevity. – isherwood Jan 17 at 19:55
  • @isherwood That is definitely wood. – vini_i Jan 17 at 20:30

I suggest both, but nails should be all you need, provided the pieces span to a stud so as not to break when you attach them. What is strange is there is no sheathing behind the shingles....hmmm

  • I suggest aluminum nails to avoid the possibility of rust spots later. I have galvanized nails in my cement board siding and after 10 years a few showed rust coming through the paint. – blacksmith37 Sep 14 at 21:11

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