The bulb looks like a CFL, but looks like the spiral making up the CFL doesn't actually light.

enter image description here

It takes AGES to light up, at first I thought it was broke, but after awhile realized that the bulb just takes 10 minutes to fully turn on. Full disclosure: Just moved into an apt building, and am curious what type of bulb, CFL, or whatever this is, because I've never seen a bulb like it.

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It's a CFL globe, but it's either a very old (early prototype) model that warms up slowly or it's simply worn out.

Also, according to DoxyLover...

...the glow is starting at the ends of the fluorescent tubing (which are near the base). This causes the part of the tube near the top to cast a shadow on the globe. This is why [it may appear that] the spiral tube is not the light source.


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