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Which material should I use for a whiteboard that would erase easily?

I would like to convert my walls (at least one of them)
into a laminated surface so I would be able to write things on it.
Because the wall is massive, and I do need a massive space to write on,
I'm not sure what kind of a solution there is in order to laminate/coat it
with a thin layer of writable material (as in, easy to erase and re-write over and over again).

To clarify, I basically want to convert my wall to this

enter image description here

without finding a huge board.


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whiteboard paint, quick google search should give you a few options for that: Google Search

another idea is vinyl wrapping the whole wall, but that could cost more than the whiteboard paint - The wife wraps boats in vinyl, and says it would cost about 200 quid to wrap a 7m2 wall and all you would need to do is give it a really good sand.

She also has in the office a white board they made with the vinyl and it's about 5 years old and still going strong :)

Hope that helps.


  • Edited, got some more info from the wife on vinyl wrapping and it seems like a good way to go, if you could find a local company to you might be able to get it cheaper.
    – SmithMart
    Feb 15, 2012 at 19:29

Another option is to go the chalkboard route: just like there is whiteboard paint, there is chalkboard paint. You just paint it and you have a usable surface for chalk. Some examples:

My brother has his utility room wall painted in this and it's great. Good for grocery lists, to-do lists, and lots of doodles.

  • I live in a rented apartment and the walls are white.. can't go in that direction
    – Asaf
    Feb 15, 2012 at 22:05

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