A bathroom floor's grout is to be whitened. A Google search listed all sort of remedies including bleach, vinegar, peroxide, commercial solutions.

I would like to avoid having to use a brush and apply a solution with a mop or similar. If you have experience excellent success with a particular solution, I'd appreciate hearing from you and any lessons-learned. Thank you

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I'd try a good bleach soak first. I have mosaic tile countertops with white grout, and a good bleach soak removes any of the evils my wife can dole out...

  • We have 6" white tiles and white grout on the floor of a bathroom. The grout has gotten soiled. I wasn't going to use bleach because I thought the darkening was mineral soil which doesn't bleach, but I might try it on a small area. Sep 2, 2017 at 1:09

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