After reading a lot, I am still very confused... Maybe you could give me some hint?

I am looking for:

  1. a temperature sensor in my room
  2. a thermostat on my radiator

It is important to me that these are separate devices, because the drop of temperature across the room maybe large and I want to control the temperature of the place where the sensor is.

The temperature sensor shall control my thermostat. The system should be programmable. If possible, both systems should be battery powered.

I would spend more money if the system would be Apple HomeKit enabled.

Any suggestions which system(s) could fit?

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There are radiator valves that are thermostatically controlled that need no batteries or outside input power. They do a pretty good job of controlling the temperature of a room.Try typing "Danfoss valves" in any search engine to investigate if valves like this would suit your needs. I should ask if your heating system is hot water or steam. The valves and controller are the same for both systems unless you have an old 1 pipe steam system, The temperature sensor usually mounts on the valve it is controlling. However they have some sensors that can be mounted a few feet away.

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