I was thinking of lowering the railing on some porch railing that I put up because there is too much gap between bottom of railing and the edge of the steps. If I do so, will it affect the length of railing horizontally?(i.e. Will I need to shorten it?)

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    No, the length of the railing isn't going to change unless you cut it. Since you would be cutting the riser portion, or the mounted rail ends for the riseer, the rail remains the same length. However, there is code for railing placement you must follow. As I posted in the previous questions comments, and Lee Sam notes below – noybman Aug 19 '17 at 5:26
  • You may now have some part of your answer but if when dawn comes you are able to take a picture or two (clear and focused) and post as part of your question it will help tremendously to be able to give a much better answer. – Michael Karas Aug 19 '17 at 7:13

Length??? I don't understand what that means by lowering the "porch railing". However, If the porch is 30" or more above the adjacent grade, the guardrail must be 42" high. (See IBC Section 1013.2.)

  • I have some wrought iron railing attached to some posts that are attached to some porch steps. Using the pre-existing holes in posts left bottom of railing several inches from bottom of posts and from edge of steps. I was wondering if I lower it where it was closer to steps would that make it necessary to shorten length of railing to make it fit between posts. – georgia-guy Aug 19 '17 at 5:57

noybman's reply helped me the most.

I have lowered the railing on one side of the the porch step railings today. What I mean is that the railing is not attached to the top and bottom post as high as it was. I didn't have to shorten the length of the railing. I shortened the posts (from the bottom) about 7 inches on the top and bottom porch steps posts. This reduced greatly the distance from the corner of the steps to the bottom of the railing. Shortening the posts reduce the distance from the top of the railing to the top of the post to around 1 inch. I will post late tomorrow pictures of the railing at a higher (one I haven't fixed yet) and the shorter heights.

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