The porch lights and porch fan (Separate fixtures) are wired to a single switch in one room. This single switch is part of a three way switch configuration that is located in another room. From the living room or the bedroom you can turn the light and fan on and off. If there a way to move the light to the switch in the living room and the fan to the switch in the bedroom so that the fixtures can update independently of one another? Basically eliminating the three way capability? Need the switch in bedroom to only operate the fan and other to only operate the light - each switch independent of one another.

  • Comment that anything is possible if the old wiring can be removed and redone to meet the new needs. To determine if it is even possible to use the existing wiring would require a lot more information of how this was wired in the existing installation. Sometimes clear and focused pictures of the wiring inside all the boxes and how it connects to existing switches and fixtures can aid folks here give guidance. If you are in any way uncomfortable with switching breakers and working in electrical boxes your best bet is to call in a professional electrician that can look at it first hand. – Michael Karas Aug 10 '17 at 11:25
  • Are we talking a screened-in porch or an open porch? Also, do both the living room and the bedroom exit directly onto the porch? And yes, can you post photos of the wiring in each switch box, as well as the light and fan boxes? – ThreePhaseEel Aug 10 '17 at 11:40
  • Most ceiling fan/light combos have pull chains. Does yours have that? If yours does, you might be able to use that to get functionality that would be close to what you want to achieve by changing from the current arrangement. Exactly what function is it that you want? – Jim Stewart Aug 10 '17 at 13:24
  • What is the manufacturer and model of the fan/light? Another possibility is to get a remote control with receiver for the fan/light. Do you know where the line power enters--is it in the ceiling box for the fan or is it in one of the switch boxes? – Jim Stewart Aug 10 '17 at 13:42
  • There are often good reasons for having a light controlled by two 3-way switches, but the same is not true for a ceiling fan. Would you be satisfied with keeping the two switches for the light, and changing to a single switch for the fan in the bedroom? A competent electrician could easily wire an independent cable from a new switch from a new box in the bedroom to the ceiling box to allow the fan to be controlled from the bedroom and the bedroom only. – Jim Stewart Aug 10 '17 at 14:12

It could be easy depending how it is wired.

If it is wired:

Switch ------------light ----------fan-------- switch -----main feed

Then the two travelers should pass through the fan and light.

In this arrangement, you could change the fan to be fed from traveler A and the right switch would control it. Then hot wire traveler B in the right switch, remove traveler A from the switch in the left switch and cap it, and leave the light on the switched hot and the left switch would control the light. Then each switch would control one item.

Investigate your wiring and let us know where the hot feed comes in.

Basically, you have several wires and can accomplish this but it will take some ingenuity and investigation.

Good luck!


3 Way Switch Diagram It'll also work if your wiring looks like above, but there is a third (red) wire going from the switch closest to the fan/light. New Wiring Change the wiring to look like the second picture, and voila! (In the picture the red is going off to the fan). Of course, this only works if there are 3 connectors (+ground) from the last switch to the light/fan

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