I just went up into my attic and as expected there are a bunch of electrical cables up there and it just occurred to me that no one has ever directly told me that it was safe to touch a nonmetallic sheathed cable (Romex) before. So that's my question, is it safe to touch a live insulated cable in your attic?

I am well aware that it is a terrible idea to touch a live bare copper wire.


Yes, it is safe to touch the insulating jacket of an undamaged NM cable.

However, in the state of California, it may cause cancer to lick the cables.

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    If you're in the state of California, you are either already dead, or immune to cancer. – Harper - Reinstate Monica Jul 30 '17 at 22:31
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    Note that this only applies for undamaged cable. If the cable has been torn, punctured, worn through while pulling, or cracked from age, the insulation might not be as good as when new. Bonus points if wet. – SomeoneSomewhereSupportsMonica Jul 31 '17 at 8:19

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