picture of broken cement board corner i installed a cement board with a badly crushed corner. how should i proceed?

  • This is for a shower it will be waterproofed with redguard (or equivalent).
  • There is studs behind the screws on the right and left.

I don't know if its worth the effort (or if its even necessary) to patch this corner with new cement board.

  • i am planning on 1) just patching it with plain thinset other options are two 2) mix mud mortar into the thinset 3) try to cut out just this corner and fasten a patch of new board to the two studs shown in the picture 4)remove the whole board and start again
    – joe
    Commented Jul 23, 2017 at 3:14

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Add mortar with either fiberglass or a kerdi membrane let set then add another layer of membrane to the corners as required for usual install.

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