After moving day, I think the hinge of an old bedroom closet door became crooked (upper left photo). It's a metal bar that's screwed on the bottom of the door, and a small cylinder sticks out.

This cylinder is then placed in a metal bar on the floor of the closet (lower left photo), which has a hole to fit the cylinder. The door is only kept in place by one hinge at the bottom, and one at the top (connected to the roof of the closet).

I can't find a replace hinge, every hinge I find online seems to connect an XY plane with a XY plane, while this connects a XY plane with a ZX plane.

I suppose I could fix it by:

  • replacing this hinge (but where to find one?)
  • bend the metal bar back to a straight horizontal bar?
  • implement another hinge system. This seems hard because the hinge has a slight offset from the edge of the door by 10cm/4" (right picture)
  • other suggestions

picture of door

Update: I've found the Dutch name: 'speun'.

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I think the first thing I would try is to remove the old hinge components and straightening them carefully. I would clean them and file off any burs to prevent future wear.

I think the stability of the wood around the hardware is just as important as the hardware itself and therefore, I would dedicate some time to ensuring the hinges go back properly. I would sure up any soft, rotted, or splintered wood with glue. I would cut some wood shims to put in the old screw holes. I would use glue and perhaps get some new, slightly longer stainless screws.

Patients and craftsmanship will be the key to repairing this.

  • I'll try and straighten straighten the old hinge component. Do you think you can still buy this somewhere? Just in case
    – andy
    Jul 19, 2017 at 15:40
  • I don't know where you would buy one of these, though I would think they are out there somewhere. However, worst comes to worst, I think you could replicate it with some common bar stock, a drill, a vice, a hack saw and a file. Jul 19, 2017 at 17:16

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