We're building a pantry in a small kitchen opening (about 1' depth, 6.5' height) and the original construction framing is anything but straight.

Nice cabinet-grade plywood is being used. Unfortunately there are gaps because the plywood was not shimmed before being nailed to the existing framing.

  • My contractor plans to insert thin strips to fill the gaps.

  • I am considering asking for him to take off the installed plywood, shim as necessary, and install again, since the thin strips may look obviously out of place.

  • Or, we can use veneer to cover up the entire surface area, including strips/gaps, but this adds even more work and would cover up the nice plywood.

How would you approach this?

image image image

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    I would say that your contractor / carpenter is a rank amateur. If this was my project I would be mad at myself for selecting that contractor and as such would eat the investment so far, fire contractor and find someone you can trust to do good work. – Michael Karas Jul 18 '17 at 11:28

Did he build it in place? I would've built it first, then installed it. That way you know it is squared up. You could use shim to plum and level the pantry. I would have him do it over

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  • Thanks. Yes, this was built in place unfortunately – user7374453 Jul 18 '17 at 3:20

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