I've been trying to remove this support bracket so I can install a closet rod instead, but can't seem to find out how to do so. Can someone help me out please? Thanks!

shelf support bracket


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This is a thread-cam locking shelf support. You can undo it by turning the screw a quarter turn counter clockwise, then lifting up on the shelf.

thread can locking support

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    Or you could if the head hadn't been stripped anyway...
    – AndyT
    Jul 10, 2017 at 10:50
  • He's not wanting to remove the shelf. He wants to remove the bracket.
    – Rob
    Jul 10, 2017 at 11:26

It looks like the locking cam is missing. You will have to seperate the parts and then you should be abke to slip a thin flathead screwdriver below the mechanism (from the side). The cam lock is a press fit into the hole so it will resist some but jf you are careful and take your time you will be able to get this out.

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