My walls and ceiling are skip trowl lath and plaster and (many layers) painted, I’m doing some cutting and patching and using DAP Patching Plaster. It goes on great but after I sand and paint it the texture looks too smooth compared to the old plaster/paint, how can I get it to look the same? It looks like it’s a paint texture issue, I’m painting with small rollers and acrylic paint.

Lower center is desired texture, left and upper left around the square hole is too smooth

too smooth patch

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There are a ton of ways to texture wall surfaces (too many to list here), all require some expertise acquired through trial and error and a perfect match is nearly impossible.

Originally, when a craftsman plastered your wall, he likely used a wet float technique that allows the sandy aggregate in the plaster to rise to the surface. That is not a process you can easily duplicate when patching.

Your best bet would be to experiment (on a separate practice surface) with various combinations of soupy plaster or texture paint using thick nap rollers, stippling rollers, stucco floats, etc. Or hire a reputable plasterer or decorator to redo the whole wall when your repairs are complete. Yours is a common problem with no easy solution.

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