I researched some more and found this video of exactly the same problem and some Amazon reviews which state it, too. I ordered an inverter and will replace it myself and update if it fixes the issue.

My Bosch WAS28443 washer doesn't spin-dry anymore. Well... most of the time anyway. I had a mechanic coming over (5min for 70€) who said it was the inverter and suggested a repair for 250€. I don't really believe him, because I think the inverter is an on/off thing, and not "sometimes" or randomly.

It doesn't follow any pattern I could recognize. Yesterday I had a 6kg load and it worked flawlessly, today it was only light sports clothing ~1kg and it didn't work. Also, if I set it to spin only after it didn't work, sometimes it spins without further problems, sometimes it doesn't, no matter which speed, or any other settings are set up.

I uploaded a video (https://vimeo.com/224351376) to show the problem. As I wrote, sometimes everything is in order, but most of the time it tries to spin, but can't/won't.

I think it sounds like a cog not having enough "grip", lacking a better term.

I'm thinking of opening the machine, but wanted to ask some maybe specialist if this is a good idea or if I just should get a mechanic.

  • What's the model number? Is there any pattern to when it works and when it doesn't - load size, spin speed, water temp, automatic cycle, etc?' – mmathis Jul 5 '17 at 17:28
  • @mmathis thank you, I added the details. No pattern whatsoever. – Lenniey Jul 5 '17 at 17:37

Well, it obviously was the inverter. I ordered and changed it and after several cycles everything is well, it spins even better than before...

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