I have this IKEA desk which I use for my computer. It currently holds two 27" monitors.

The monitors are too low for my eyesight, so I bought this two-monitor arms to hold them up and free some space underneath.

I was reading a bit about how strong the desk is, and it looks like the desk is likely too weak for the weight to be put on one 5cm x 5cm spot on the desk, due to the wooden panel's structure:

desk panel

So I need something to distribute the load across a larger surface of the desk. Probably something that's tough enough to actually distribute the load as opposed to something weak that will bend and just pass the load on the spot.

I'm not very experienced with DYI projects, any idea what I could use?

(I'm in London, UK, if it helps)


That's an edge mount. The edges of the table top will be solid wood. The honeycomb mesh is in the center. So there is no problem with clamping the mount there.

If still you don't trust it. You can use a strip of plywood or a bit of angle iron. Not that this will reduce the available depth of the clamp.

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