I'm looking to have my fireplace removed and blocked up in order to use the wall for furniture. I already have 2 vents on the chimney breast upstairs one in each bedroom, I am unsure as to even what forms of trades person carries out this type of work. Any advice and knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    A mason or bricklayer would be the person who puts a fireplace in, I imagine they could also take one out. The hearth may be bearing a lot of weight from the chimney, so rather than remove it, it may be more sensible / less expensive to just block it off. If you are handy, there are a few guides online for how to DIY it. – CactusCake Jun 29 '17 at 20:31

Any general contractor could remove the fireplace and if the house uses the brick for suport the contractor will be able to do the needed repairs.

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