I want to install a receptacle in a closet or two, but I've heard that receptacles are not allowed to be located in closets. I cannot find a concrete reference for that claim, though - it always seems to be an old wive's tale or an electrician-friend-of-a-friend. Is there such a restriction in the NEC, and if so, does it depend on the size of the closet?

This question asks about junction boxes, which are similar, but could potentially be handled separately. A comment in that question indicates there is no restriction, but it would be good to have a definitive answer (especially as relevant for more recent versions of the NEC).


Yes you can. I have three instances in my house: all were signed off by a competent electrical inspector. (I am in the Portland, Oregon area.)

There is one in a bathroom closet, and one each in two medicine cabinets. Handy for recharging a cordless vacuum, electric toothbrushes, and an electric shaver.

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    Indeed you can -- there is no prohibition in Art. 406 saying "no receptacles in closets" – ThreePhaseEel Jun 22 '17 at 0:05

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