Can a Solar tube be installed in a "Tuff Shed" , used as a workshop? There is no drywall ceiling- just a plywood roof covered with shingles, tar paper, etc. The height of the shed is about 10 ft.

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    The primary purpose of a Solar tube is to "transport" or "duct" sunlight to areas otherwise inaccessible. If you have but a roof, would not the solution be a skylight alone? – fred_dot_u Jun 14 '17 at 0:51

Yes, you could do that (by cutting the tube or having it project like a smoke stack) but why buy an expensive, long solar tube when, for a fraction of the cost, one could get a shed skylight that would sit flush with the ceiling and have the added benefit of the integrated vents such things can have?


Sure, but you will have to support the tube length just like it was in a house. And possibly add a small piece of drywall or OSB for it to terminate into. This part depends on how the trim ring attaches to the end of the tube.

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