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My over the range microwave that came with the home I purchased 18 months ago blew up. I purchased a new one, however, I can not figure out for the life of me how the old one was installed as it isn't bolted to the cupboards above?? I am completely stuck and need to get this old one out so that I can install the new one. Any suggestions on how I may be able to get the old one out and how it may be installed, if not bolted from above?

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It's hard to say without looking at it. Some have a mounting plate that attaches to the back wall and mounts from the side or from above. Some have a tray that gets mounted and the microwave slides in/onto the tray.


Some older models attach through the sides. Look for screws through the cabinet frame that may be concealed by plastic caps, stickers, or the cabinet hardware.


The one I installed was mounted on 2 vertical plates which I mounted to the wall and then I had to slide my microwave down into the slotted plates. Then I installed the overhead cabinet. I hate to say it, but you may need to remove the overhead cabinet first. Good luck!

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