I am wiring a bathroom downstairs, it has one vanity light, one .9 amp fan, one 15 amp GFCI outlet. Can I run it all on one circuit with a 15 amp breaker in the main panel, using 14 gauge wire?


The National Electrical Code now requires bathrooms to be served with a 20 amp branch circuit. This would require #12 wire. However, you can still use a 15 amp duplex GFCI receptacle and connect your other equipment.

Here is the code excerpt:

210.11(C)(3) Bathroom Branch Circuits. In addition to the number of branch circuits required by other parts of this section, at least one 20-ampere branch circuit shall be provided to supply bathroom receptacle outlet(s). Such circuits shall have no other outlets.

Exception: Where the 20-ampere circuit supplies a single bathroom, outlets for other equipment within the same bathroom shall be permitted to be supplied in accordance with 210.23(A)(1) and (A)(2).

Good luck and stay safe!

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