I bought a place that has no screen patio door and I would like to install. I thought it would be quick job but I ran into a problem, there is some siding above the door that goes too far down(about a inch) and blocks me from inserting the screen.

I first thought this was wood and bought for my drill bit, HSS Saw Blades Circular Cutting. After trying to cut this "wood", I realized that this is not wood as I should have been cut it off by now.

I went to my local hardware store and they said it could be Hardie board.

How the heck do I cut this stuff? I can't take the paneling off as I don't know how and I am scared it will be hard to get it installed again, so I have to remove while installed.

How can I do this, my tools are limited. I been googling and see that some people score it and then bend it? or take a hammer to it?

enter image description here

  • Do not take a hammer to it unless someone expert tells you you can do it. It is possible you could make the short cuts with a hacksaw type hand saw, maybe just a hacksaw blade grasped with a heavy glove or a rag, then score the long cut repeatedly (maybe 20 times or more) and bend it out to snap it. Note, however, that the recommendation is to bend it away from the scoring rather than away. See youtube.com/watch?v=D194cbqenUg and youtube.com/watch?v=VzCa2Jt1z5E – Jim Stewart Jun 4 '17 at 18:53
  • So what I meant is that if you could cut this piece by scoring and bending, then you would have to bend toward the scoring and this might not work at all. If I had to do it, I would try a "Dremel Saw-Max" type small circular saw (not sure what blade type). This is a fairly inexpensive tool and much easier and safer to use than a full sized circular saw (7 1/2"). This will create a lot of dust so have good breathing protection. – Jim Stewart Jun 4 '17 at 20:29
  • If the cut you make will be covered by trim, then it will not be as important to make a neat cut. – Jim Stewart Jun 4 '17 at 20:31
  • Important to note how dangerous the dust is... use high quality dust protection. If this was my job, I'd use a tile blade in a handheld grinder, but not sure if you have that at your disposal. – Aloysius Defenestrate Jun 5 '17 at 0:11
  • 1
    Maybe scoring might work as there is a gap of course between the window and this paneling so I could stand inside my place and grab it and maybe it will snap. – chobo2 Jun 5 '17 at 3:49

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