I'm interested in buying an air paint gun (Probably from Harbor Freight), and I'm curious as to whether there are any advantages or disadvantages to using an aluminium paint container in a gravity fed paint gun, or should I use a plastic one? I would think that the possibility of a plastic container would be nice, but sticking with an aluminium one might be cheaper and more environmentally friendly, and maybe a plastic one would be easier to clean? I'm not sure. Is there a noticeable trade off between the two?


Honestly I use a plastic cup and haven't had any problems, despite the fact that I shoot a 2-part LPU (what Boeing paints the Dreamliner with) and the solvent for the stuff is so caustic it's a paint stripper for latex and some aklyds. I expected it would have wrecked the cup, but it didn't.

I am partial to a very well rated touch up gun I found on Amazon. Despite being cheap Cheese, it's a bulletproof little thing and about $35.

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