I'm replacing the faucets in a master bath. Each sink in the dual vanity is set up like this:

Drain body next to trap

Presumably there is a trap down the line somewhere. With no trap that can be disassembled under the sinks, I don't see how I can install the new drain body.

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If there were a trap there, it would have the same type of threaded fitting that your existing drain assembly has.

  • cut the tailpiece a bit shorter
  • install a 1 1/2" slip-joint nut and 1 1/2" x 1 1/4" reducing slip-joint washer onto the tailpiece
  • insert the assembly all the way up through the hole in the sink
  • screw the upper drain assembly flange, packed with plumber's putty, onto the top of the drain assembly
  • lower the assembly such that the tailpiece enters the top of the drain pipe (it looks like it will line up)
  • tighten the lower lock-nut, such that it pushes the tapered gasket up against and centered on the hole in the sink, from below. This will tighten the drain assembly to the sink, effecting a seal at the top with the plumber's putty under the upper drain assembly flange. Wipe off excess putty that squeezes out.
  • slide the slip-joint washer and nut down to the threaded drain pipe fitting and tighten firmly (but carefully) with a wrench. P.S. hand tight is not good enough

enter image description here

picture from Google Images

p.s.s.- I am dubious of your presumption that a trap exists someplace downstream

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